If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“The staff at Solomon Orthodontics is always so friendly! I love that they have the option for flexible payment plans and they are flexible when scheduling appointments. I definitely recommend them for orthodontics!” – T. Orellana

“Great office! My daughter and I love Solomon Orthodontics! Dr. Solomon makes the process very comforting and worry free for my daughter and never fails to make us both feel at home! The staff is fun, awesome, and professional! Dr. Solomon pays very close attention to detail and makes his care very personalized! He and the staff explain things to us so that we really understand what is going on in her treatment. My daughter and I enjoy the whole experience and atmosphere of the office and would highly recommend anyone looking for orthodontic treatment to come here. FIVE STARS!!!!!” – M. Heller

“I have been a client for about nine years. I have four children who needed braces. The environment is friendly and welcoming. I would recommend and have recommended this orthodontist to friends. Great place with flexible scheduling and meets my family’s needs.” – K. Smith

“I’m a general dentist and a mother of a 13-year-old boy who does not want braces. I took my son in today for a consult, and he left the office in braces!!! I was very pleased and wowed at every aspect of our visit. Dr. Solomon is very thorough and took the time to help my son understand why he needed braces. The staff was so amazing at showing my son how to brush around his wires and brackets, and explained the importance of keeping his teeth clean. He was even brushing his teeth in the car on the drive to school afterward, and was excited to show off his braces. He couldn’t stop smiling. Thanks so much for the positive reinforcement!” – Jennifer

“Today Addi got her braces on. As happy as we were with this office to start today topped it. It’s the small things that matter. I loved the environment they created. It’s a beautiful office. To think of putting TVs in the ceiling too is awesome. I love that the middle of the room has two sinks; you can see their care in prepping and cleaning. To April for the work you do, I love how somehow you were the perfect mix of reassuring/fun and educational. Addi remembered so much of what you said because you kept saying it in different ways to be sure it stuck. There should be a daisy for those in your career… because girl you deserve some sort of above and beyond recognition. Dr. Solomon was awesome too. Thank you and we will see y’all again in a month!” – Miranda

“Our oldest finished her two-year run with braces through Solomon Orthodontics about a year ago and we were so pleased. We were originally referred there by a close friend who was also our dentist. The staff and Dr. Solomon are extremely professional but also so friendly. Always asking about us, concerned, and open to questions. Warm and friendly greetings every time we went in. Now our second daughter is set to begin her braces tomorrow. I have absolutely no hesitation on using Solomon again and never considered going anywhere else. Here we go again!” – Deborah

“Best experience! We had a consultation and received same-day treatment service. Loved that, since we live about 25 minutes away. Instructions and procedures for my teen daughter were clear and easy for her to understand. The staff is friendly and environment is professional. Highly recommended!!” – Roxanne

“Dr. Solomon is professional, astute, friendly, caring, and thorough. The office staff is professional, caring, and kind. I feel very confident I am being treated by the best orthodontist anywhere around. There’s such a friendly and positive atmosphere in the office. Every time you call the office, there is nothing but complete professionalism on the phone and you can also expect that throughout your visit at the office. Everyone is working as a team in the office. There’s an attitude of happiness, understanding, and gratitude flowing through this office and among the staff. I’m so very fortunate that I am being treated by Dr. Solomon. I waited until I was well into adulthood to get braces. Go for it with Dr. Solomon and take charge of your smile.” – Krista

“Love this place! Had our first-time consultation. It was such an organized, inviting visit and they took time to answer every one of our many questions. They were even able to fit us in and get braces on my daughter the same day! I love how they walked us through every step and explained every detail to make sure both she and I are completely comfortable. So glad we came here!!” – Melissa

“My son and I enjoyed his first initial visit, the consultation. My son felt at ease as his questions were answered, information was given, and appointment was set to put on his braces. The staff made us feel welcome. They greeted us with smiles and enthusiasm from the moment we entered until the time we left. My son is totally excited about getting his braces at Solomon Orthodontics!” – Tami

“Best staff around! They really get to know you on a personal level and sincerely care about your opinion. If I had to do it again, I’d come right back, no hesitation.” – Josh

“Such an outstanding and courteous staff! Very professional and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend to anyone seeking out an experienced and caring orthodontist.” – Kristy

“Dr. Solomon and his staff are amazing!!! My second daughter is getting her braces on today at his office and we couldn’t be happier!! He is very professional and friendly! He goes above and beyond for his patients!!” – Tracye

“My son has had an awesome experience here. Dr. S is so caring, understanding, and explicitly explains the treatment plan. The customer service provided by all the staff is exceptional. We always get treated with smiles and leave there happy. I will certainly be referring friends and family to you. Thank you and keep on with the great work.” – Marrionne

“We love the team at Solomon Orthodontics! The whole staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! We have been very pleased with the treatment and care we receive for our children. Keep up the great work!” – Jaime

“Solomon Orthodontics is always super cheery and has the nicest workers. I love that it is a nice-looking place and is also very clean. It has to be the best dentist office in the state! If I could rate it more than five stars I would!” – Brenna

“Dr. Solomon orthodontist is very professional and his staff is so friendly. I recommend that if you need to wear braces, Dr. Solomon is the best orthodontist in Texas.” – Debby